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Can You Freeze Chocolate Mousse

Are you in that rare scenario when you find yourself with leftover pudding and wondering can you freeze chocolate mousse? The good news is that you can indeed freeze chocolate mousse. In this guide we will tell you exactly how to freeze chocolate mousse, how to defrost chocolate mousse and some recipe inspiration for using your leftover frozen chocolate mousse.

Why freeze chocolate mousse?

My kids LOVE chocolate mousse, so leftovers are a rarity. However there are some occasions when I find that I have made too much. I detest waste in the kitchen and freezing chocolate mousse is a great way to prolong the shelf life of chocolate mousse and prevent waste.

Therefore you should think about freezing chocolate mousse when you have made too much to prolong its shelf life and prevent waste.

So now you know why you should consider freezing your leftover chocolate mousse how do you go about it?

Can you freeze chocolate mousse?

Two containers of chocolate mousse
Can you freeze chocolate mousse?

Yes you can freeze chocolate mousse whether home made or store bought.

How long can you freeze chocolate mousse for?

Chocolate Mousse can be frozen and kept in the freezer for up to 2 months. Just be sure to label and date the air tight container you freeze your mousse in so you know what it is and when you have to use it by.

How to Freeze Chocolate Mousse?

So how do you freeze chocolate mousse?

Well first let me say that we never recommend freezing chocolate mousse in the container it is in. That is because store bought mousse will not be in freezer friendly containers. Therefore we recommend decanting the mousse into a freezer friendly container when you get it home.

If you want to freeze homemade chocolate mousse then you need to make up your mousse as per the method and instructions you are using.

Once it is made up, put any additional portions of chocolate mousse into freezer friendly pots.

Please note: It is really important to use an air tight container. This will keep the mousse better and freezer burn and contamination.

Once you have poured out your chocolate mousse put it in the freezer and leave overnight for the best results.

How to Freeze Chocolate Mousse Popsicles

How to Make Chocolate Mousse Popsicles
How to Make Chocolate Mousse Popsicles

While the above is a great way to store leftover chocolate mousse that you want to thaw and use at a later date, another thing that is very popular in my house and is actually my preferred method for freezing mousse is making chocolate mousse popsicles. These are a great frozen summer treat!

If you want to make chocolate mousse popsicles all you need to do is pop your leftover chocolate mousse mixture into lolly moulds and pop them into the freezer.

For a fancier popsicle you could experiment with pouring chocolate over the top to make a sort of chocolate mousse magnum or adding some fresh or frozen fruit to make it slightly healthier.

I personally like to coat the chocolate mousse popsicles with chocolate as it gives a much nicer finish. Unlike our angel delight popsicles, you will find the finish on chocolate mousse popsicles contain lots of air holes so a coating can help cover these up.

For full chocolate mousse popsicle recipes check out this post.

Whichever method of freezing chocolate mousse you choose be sure to put the date on the container so you know when you have to use it by.

Can you use chocolate mousse as ice cream?

I wouldn’t call frozen chocolate mousse ice cream per se however it makes a great ice cream alternative. It is creamy and light and has the added bonus that it doesn’t require churning like other ice creams.

Personally I think using mousse to make ice cream is a great freezer hack that can save you time in the kitchen.

If you want to freeze chocolate mousse simply pop your mousse into a large container such as an ice cream carton, and leave in the freezer overnight.

I prefer to use homemade mousse when making chocolate mousse ice cream but you could also use store bought as an added time saver.

For our chocolate mousse ice cream check out this post.

How long does chocolate mousse take to freeze?

Chocolate mousse can freeze in around 4 hours in the freezer., depending on the volume you are making of course However we recommend leaving it overnight for the best results.

How to Defrost chocolate mousse

The truth is that chocolate mousse does not defrost well. AS with any mousse like pudding such as strawberry mousse or angel delight, the consistency of the mousse will change when defrosted.

Therefore we recommend using chocolate milk frozen. Some of the best ways to use frozen mousse is in popsicles or as an ice cream alternative.

If you do try and defrost chocolate mouse you will need to leave it overnight in the fridge but you will find the consistency and texture greatly changed and the mousse will have lost its airiness and lightness which are the hallmarks of a great mousse.

Does Chocolate Mousse Freeze Well?

Chocolate Mousse in heart shaped mold
how to freeze chocolate milk for popsicles

The truth is that as with freezing any mousse like product, the texture and consistency will deteriorate on freezing.

While chocolate mousse will freeze, it will depend on the quantities of gelatin in your mousse on how well it will freeze. However no mousse will defrost or thaw well as it will have big texture changes which is why we recommend using it frozen.

The same is true with chocolate mousse . You will find that while still tasty, the texture of the chocolate mousse will be changed upon freezing and will not be as light and airy as the original dessert. It will taste good but the texture will certainly be changed.

Popsicles and Ice cream are our favorite ways to use chocolate mousse from the freezer.

Can you refreeze chocolate mousse?

No you can not refreeze chocolate mousse. You should not keep refreezing food as per food safety guidelines and chocolate mousse will deteriorate on every freeze.

Can you Freeze Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Can you freeze chocolate mousse

Two cartons of chocolate mousse

Can you freeze chocolate milk? The good news is that you can and this guide will tell you exactly how!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Additional Time 12 hours
Total Time 12 hours 5 minutes


  • Strawberry Mousse (store bought or homemade)
  • Air Tight Freezer Friendly Container


  1. Pour leftover store bought or homemade strawberry mousse into airtight freezer friendly container.
  2. Leave in Freezer overnight
  3. VOila Frozen Chocolate Mousse

FAQs About Freezing Chocolate Mousse?

Can you freeze Chocolate mousse made with eggs?

I personally prefer not to freeze chocolate mousse made with raw eggs. Eggs are something that are famously hard to freeze even in desserts.

Eggs can seep out of the mixture when being defrosted so I recommend using chocolate mousse made without eggs for freezing.

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